Update: homegrown collection found a home


This weekend, Cory and I found a happiness missing puzzle piece for both of us: a cabinet with sliding doors.

The missing puzzle piece concept is the ideal that if you had that one “thing” then it would eliminate a certain stress or stresses and by extension boost happiness. (Concept courtesy of the Happier by Gretchen Rubin podcast.)

We are in the process of updating our kitchen. A process that is somewhat frustrating and time-consuming. Anyway, I  lost my spice cabinet when we had to move our microwave up to meet code, so my spices had to be relocated to our already overcrowded pantry.

Meanwhile, Cory’s ever-growing whiskey collection is taking over a whole shelf in the pantry, so we decided a decorative piece for the living room that could contain the whiskey and spruce up the living room was the answer.

Enter this beautiful cabinet. Whiskey is contained. HomeGrown figures found a home. We gained a whole new shelf in the pantry. Win! Win! Win!

(My Hamilton books and grandfather’s mini cooper model car also found a home here)




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