One of my happy places: Muir Woods

In 2014,  Cory and I visited San Francisco for the first time. Cory was attending a conference, and I tagged along because – San Francisco. I worked from the hotel during the work day and we explored the city at night. After several days in a mostly concrete jungle, we had a full free day. There was plenty of nature in San Francisco, don’t get me wrong. There was plenty of water and cute sea lions, but I needed trees. I needed clean air. We jumped in the rental car and drove across the Golden Gate bridge to Muir Woods. What a blessing!
Muir Wood is a redwood national park near San Francisco that is home to thousands of beautiful, massive redwoods. Redwoods are found only in this area and into Oregon. These trees truly are magical.
As soon as we hiked from the parking area to the actual park, I was at peace. Under the mass of trees, it was cool and calm. The redwoods, themselves, were strong and impressive. The wildlife was quiet and slow. The air was clean.
After the fast-paced week of being in the city, nature was just what I needed. I have fond memories of the hours that we spent at Muir Woods, and I will never forget the feeling of being humbled by nature – the peace, the quiet, and the time for quiet reflection.





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