Day #2

O, Friday, I love you.

Day #2 has gone very well. Took morning meetings from home. Got a lot of work done while drinking my Vegan Chocolate Shakeology.

Lunch today wasn’t the healthiest, but it was a great lunch with my coworker. (It is all about balance). Getting out of the office is much needed.

We did our favorite go-to, Mexican. We ordered the same thing, the #25, everytime except I get steak.

I didn’t over eat or feel bad, so I guess that is a win. I needed a to-go box for a lunch-sized portion 🙂

Tonight will be leftovers from the two dinners I made last night. I made my favorite comfort food, zuppa toscana. I used my paleo version with no sugar added ingredients and coconut milk. If I didn’t make it myself, I would swear there was crack in it.

Zuppa Toscana recipe:

My personal tips below image.



Italian Sausage: Jennio’s sweet Italian turkey sausage – no added sugar.

Bacon: Kroger brand low-sodium bacon doesn’t have added sugar. Last night, I used Pederson’s no sugar hickory smoked bacon which is Whole30 approved. Maverick also has a no sugar added option. Pederson’s is my personal favorite on flavor, but Kroger’s is a lot cheaper.

Chicken stock: Imagine! No sugar added. I use the low sodium free range chicken which is more gentle for my husband’s blood pressure issues.

Potatoes: I prefer to use Russets. They hold up to the boiling process better than other varieties.

Coconut milk: I actually use SO Delicious unsweetened coconut milk which isn’t full fat. I think it gives the perfect amount of creaminess.


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