Today is the day

I have started, stopped, started, and stopped trying to live a healthy lifestyle for years, but it has been particularly bad the last year.

After a successful Whole30 and inches lost, I have not been able to keep up the momentum.

Until, now. Today is the day. There is nothing about this day except that I woke up the confidence that I could do it. It is a lowly Thursday in the middle of October, but for some reason, I feel motivated and confident. I feel empowered.

I have the motivation. My brother in law gets married in May, and I am a bridesmaid. I am also about 50 + pounds heavier than I would like to be. I want to feel happy and confident on their big day.

Instead of focusing on depreviation, the things I can’t have, I am going to focus on the things that I want. I want to feel better. I want to look better. I want to be able to easily walk a mile. I want to feel confident. I want to love myself again.

So today is the day. As a writer, blogging about my journey seems to be the best forum. I will post recipes, daily (or weekly) checkins, and other things that help me on my journey.


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