Gray hair: Yay or nay?


So at the age of 28, a large portion of the hair along my scalp is turning a bright, silver-white.

I used to think that I would totally be okay with it, but now that that time is here, I am not so sure. My friends and family tell me that they can’t see it, but I think they are just being nice 🙂 Either way, it is very noticeable to me.

Celebrities are dying their hair gray, so why am I so terrified. I am at that cross-roads where I have to decide whether to gracefully gray as nature intended or keep up a color habit for the rest of my life. If I decide to color, I will have to go through a terribly awkward point in the future while it grows out.

How does everyone feel about graying? Is it better to take it with grace or hide it until I am ready?


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