Whole 30, round 2: Bring it!


After a few starts and stops for various reasons, a group of girls from work and I have officially started Whole30 again. Bring it, round 2!

This first round was an overwhelming (and I mean, overwhelming) success for me. Overall, I lost a total of 8.5 pounds and 27 inches! (I even won a contest at work)— and that wasn’t even the best part. I learned to appreciate food. I learned to love new veggies that I didn’t think I liked (sweet potatoes, butternut squash, cauliflower). And, I learned to love me again.

The last few years have been discouraging on the body front. I hated my body, and no matter what I did…I never lost weight. I felt hopeless and helpless.This food plan showed me how to eat, what to eat, and gave me a complete restart.

This round is less about a diet restart (because I am still doing pretty well cutting out those nasty, processed foods) and more about food focus. I got a little lax with the wine and sugar (French Silk pie!), so it is time to refocus. I need to focus on my intent — which is to become healthier (and by extension, thinner). This round is about putting major focus on exercise.

I am currently on Day 12, and I feel pretty great! I have not been perfect, but this time, I vowed to have more fun with the program! This round is about learning my limits and maintaining moderation (which I am not great with).

Also, I am sharing this journey with some awesome ladies!

In honor of Whole30 week 2 round 2, I will share with you my saving grace during the program – this delicious breakfast casserole!

Find the recipe here. My husband and I cut the casserole into 10 sections and each have a nice portion for the full week!


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