Smooth away that winter skin with Ayres beauty


I was delivered Ayres body butter (in patagonia) in an Ipsy bag, and it was a huge skin game-changer!

After using the body butter once, I realized that the sample size was simply not enough. For Christmas, I added it to my wish list (or so I thought). What I actually added to my wish list was the body polish (oops), and my fantastic mom-in-law bought it for me. The mix up was merry because the body polish is just as awesome.

After the holidays, I splurged on the $25 body butter and the matching shower gel (it was obvious that I needed the whole collection). It was a glorious day when my goodies arrived.

The Patagonia scent is just delicious – clean and natural – jasmine and rosemary mixed with lavender, bergamot, and other yummy, natural scents.

The exfoliating body polish is absolutely heavenly — removing all that dry skin winter that the cold, harsh winter weather likes to gift us. The shower gel is soothing and fantastic. It also double-duties as a perfect shave gel — my legs haven’t felt this smooth in a while. The creamy body butter softens and smooths your skin without leaving it feeling greasy and gross (and did I mention the smell?). When used together, the experience is magical. Your skin is in Heaven.

If you have dry skin or just like to pamper yourself (like I do), these products are absolutely fantastic and worth the price! Thank you, Ayres, for giving me super soft (and great smelling) skin in the middle of winter.

Check Ayres beauty products online at


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