Funny People, got every reason to live!


I buckled down and read!

I am a writer, so I should also read, right? right? Not, so much.I am a terrible reader. Awful, the worst. So bad that it is actually criminal. Ok, I am not technically bad at reading. I can read. I can read relatively fast, actually. My problem is that I am a book quitter.

I take forever to start a book, and then I read 75% of it and stop. I think in some weird way I don’t want to give the characters an ending – I want them to float in space (preferably with the Doctor). I did finish John Green’s, The Fault in our Stars. I was very proud of that because I really did want them to just float in space, forever in happiness.

Anyway, I got obsessed with the Mindy Project at the end of the summer, and my wonderful friend, Krislyn, let me borrow Kaling’s book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And, in typical Heather fashion, I took forever to start reading it. I wanted to. I just didn’t. But finally, I started reading it on a flight to D.C. in November. I finished it (100%) in February. (Did I mention that I am also a lazy reader?)

The book is fantastic, funny, and brilliant. She writes like she talks – crazily, and I love crazy.

For Christmas, I asked for Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please, because I am obsessed with Parks and Recreation (and also her). I couldn’t put the book down. It is a breath of fresh, funny air in my day. The vagina pull quote is gold (ya, you want to read it now!).

So after reading these very (let me emphasize, VERY) funny books, I realized that I just love funny people. I don’t mean jokesters. I mean just truly funny people. Funny people who don’t know they are funny. And, funny people who do know they are funny but don’t brag about it.

My realization is new, but my thirst to surround myself with funny people is not. My high school best friend (and still best buddy), Amanda, is funny — very funny. I was the serious one, and she was the funny one. She was president of the drama club and pretty much kept me in stiches (this phrase is weird to me, but it is what came out of my brain, so there).

Amanda made me laugh. She made me let loose. She made me think anything was possible. She made me slow down. She made me smile. I still get text messages from her and LOL (and I mean it, I laugh out loud – loudly). She is the Tina to my Amy or the Amy to my Tina.

In college, my roommate, Ashleigh, also made me laugh. Her go to funny – sarcasm, always delivered on point. (I have to admit, sarcasm is my favorite kind of funny.) She, too, continues to make me laugh. College brought me a lot of funny people, and I am thankful for that. In such a defining time, I am glad I was surrounded by more funny than serious.

Interestingly enough, my husband who I have been with a total of 12 years, is not funny. Ok, he is funny in a goofy way (like this super weird dance he has started doing where he looks like a banana dancing if bananas danced). Ok, he can be a little funny, sometimes.

I admire funny people because I don’t consider myself very funny (although I do get laughs in work meetings — that may have more to do with my awkwardness though). I like funny people because laughter truly is the best medicine. Funny people make me happy and less stressed. Funny people inspire me to think before I react. Funny people remind me that everything can be a great story with the right mindset. They see the world through different lenses — a lens that I could stand to look through.

I plan to continue my journey through books written by funny people. Next on my list: Andy Cohen’s The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year and Tina Fey’s Bossypants (because I am so behind).

If you haven’t read Mindy Kaling’s or Amy Poehler’s books, please do! You won’t regret it.

Also if you don’t watch Parks and Recreation (who, are you?) or missed this week’s episode, check this out:

This is funny to me because it is funny and also because he reminds me of riding around in my 91’ gray Nissan pickup truck with Amanda singing this song during lunch breaks. We did better with the words than Leslie, but we mostly laughed through it.

I had to share this with Amanda, and this is what she said:


Thank you for reading this! I hope you have a relaxing and funny Friday!


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