I made it – Whole 30, Day 10


I know, I know. I am not done yet. But, I didn’t think I would make it this far, so I am pretty pumped. I even waited to write this until I had made some significant progress in the program.

I thought on day 3 I would crave wine or pasta or cheese so badly that I would give in and give up on the whole thing.

And…I totally surprised myself! I, pretty easily, made it to day 10 and plan to continue this food plan after my 30 days are over!

Whole30 is more than a diet plan – it is a lifestyle change (which is what weight loss is really all about). This food plan (what my husband and I lovely refer to it as since “diet” is a yucky word) is about stripping out the food groups that do your body little to no good and focusing on the foods that make your body happy and healthy.

For more detailed information, check out whole30.com.

I only started the program because we are doing a weight loss competition at my office. My coworker was going to start, so I did too. I was afraid to start because this is such an emotional journey for me. I have a terrible relationship with my body (specifically the extra weight I am carrying around). I have always feared being overweight, and now, I am. This journey was/is terrifying.

Measurement day was awful. Seeing those numbers…I wanted to hide and cry. Then, when I took some time to think it over, I realized the time to do something was now. That was Wednesday.

When Monday rolled around (the official start date), I was determined to do this. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

Day 1 was fine. I felt determined and surprisingly great. It helps that my husband is doing this with me. If he wasn’t, it would be very difficult. The hardest part for us has been beer and wine. I still miss it, but I don’t miss the bloat.

Day 2, 3, and 4 were also fine. Day 5 was rough. I wanted to break. It was a long day, and my mind was getting in the way. The food change made my OCD go a little crazy. But, somehow — I made it. I didn’t break.

After that, it has been smooth. Last night, I even served tortillas and cheese (which I can’t have) to my friends at our weekly dinner. I wasn’t even tempted.

The fun part of this journey has been creating fun, new recipes with my husband. We love to cook anyway, and we have enjoyed replicating fatty, sugary meals and making them healthy and nature.

As part of the program, we are not allowed to weigh. So, I have no idea if I have lost weight, but on Day 10, I feel great (and that’s all that really matters).


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