Adios, True Blood, Vampire Bill, and the most attractive cast around


So True Blood ended tonight! After 7 seasons, the show carried a mixed bag — some seasons were great, some were creepy (looking at you season 2), and some were just bad.

Overall, the final season was good. Even though it felt rushed (new story lines were crammed into just a few episodes), the show did what it does best — leaving you on the edge of your seat with no idea where you are going. 

I am not going to give the ending way, but I enjoyed it overall with only slight disappointment. I appreciate the vision and the wrap up, but I was left wanting more. To be honest, I just needed more Eric time!  

My summer Sunday nights will never be same. I will miss the forced southern accents, the hot guys, Eric and Pam’s relationship, Jessica’s eye liner, Sookie’s terrible wardrobe, Jason’s profound thoughts, the hot guys, and all the supernatural goodness.

Good bye, my weird and sometimes awkward friend. You will be missed.


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