Enhance your eyes with this 6-piece eye shadow set from e.l.f.


I got a massive e.l.f. haul today — and I only spent $35 for all of it! One of my favorite items is the Eye Enhancing Eye shadow set. The colors in the set are designed to enhance and complement based on eye color.

e.l.f. offers palettes for blue, hazel/green, and brown eyes. There are two options each for blue and hazel/green eyes. I chose this particular hazel/green set because it was full of shimmery neutrals.

For only $6, these sets take the thinking out of your daily eye shadow routine — you have 6 great colors for your eye color at the ready.

For a sheer, shimmery look (daytime), use the eye shadow as is, dry. For a more dramatic, pigmented look (night time), use the eye shadow wet. 

Tip: Just add a little water to your eye shadow brush before dabbing into the eye shadow.

As usual, use a light color all over the lid, a medium shadow on the lid, and then a darker shadow in the crease.

Check out the eye enhancing eye shadow sets online.

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