Be Selfish – Yes, I said it. Be Selfish.

Chapter 2: Be Selfish (or Self-Aware if you like)
Selfishness has such negative connotations. We are constantly taught to not be selfish — and, that is just not the case. It is healthy to be selfish — and completely necessary. 
I am not saying be a person who is self-absorbed, unwilling to help others, and so one. I am saying that you should take time for you — if you don’t, you are of no use to anyone.
This chapter brought home something I have been realizing the last few years (mostly stemming from my battle with Sleep Apnea).
I am a “yes” girl. I love seeing people happy, and I don’t want to disappoint, so instead of saying “No, I don’t feel like it” I do whatever is asked of me.  I thought, for a long time, that was being the person I was supposed to be — big mistake. As this chapter emphasizes, we are no good to anyone if we don’t take time or care of ourselves. Over the past few year despite being exhausted (and I mean exhausted), I ran like a maniac — some for me but mostly for others.
Then, I realized this is not what I want. I don’t want to be worn out — that is not what I want out of life. With the re-enforcement from this chapter, I have realized how much better I feel when I take time for myself — our bodies need downtown and rest.
As an introvert, my body requires a recharge after spending time with people. My husband does not require the recharge, so for a long time — he is coming around, he didn’t understand why I would sleep or lock myself away after a party or family gathering (or often get crappy by the end of the night). Truth is, if I don’t do that, I am a miserable human being — which makes me pretty miserable to be around — and not the person I want to be.
The big take away from this chapter is that being selfish in the right ways is okay and necessary for you to be the person you want to be. Remember to love yourself enough to take care of yourself. When you love someone, you give them your time, take care of them, love them. Why not do the same for yourself? It just makes sense.
Taking time for yourself will give you more energy — allowing you to be there for others and be the girl you want to be.
So tonight, I am going to workout, eat dinner at the pool, then swim — all for myself!
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