Be Your Passion


Chapter 1: Be a Passionista
This chapter is designed to jump start your self-empowerment by discovering your purpose. What makes you who you are? — Knowing this will open doors you never knew existed.
Find your passion (or passions, as it may be — remember the sky is the limit). I have been lucky enough to have a grasp on my passion (or at least one of them) for as long as I can remember. I have always felt compelled to use my words to help, inspire, inform, and encourage others.
However, it is not always so easy to find your passion. But, don’t fret! We all have things we like — somewhere in those likes could lie your passion — what do you like, what do you get emotional about (Sarah McLachlan animal commercials?), what makes you happy and free? It may be specific — sharing favorite beauty products with family and friends via a blog — or more broad —- organizing things. Your passion is in there somewhere — you just have to listen to yourself.
Once you find your passion, you have to be willing to tackle it head on — even when you are scared — this part of the chapter was especially useful to me. I have lots of things I want to do, like start an animal visiting/adoption program for sick and disabled children, but I am terrified to take the first step. (This would marry two of my passions!)
As Alexis does throughout her book, I am going to use my friend as an example of taking charge— and because she rocks!
On a whim (ish), my friend decided to audition for a play (which coincides all too well with the book). She is a teacher, so she speaks in public all the time. She was in band, so she is no stranger to performing. So, she took a chance, and she was cast as co-lead! She tried something that encompassed things that she already does and enjoys — but was a pretty large step outside of her comfort zone — especially the singing part.
Will acting be her passion? Is telling a story her passion? Who knows (bet, she doesn’t know)? However, she took a dive into the unknown to find out — sometimes, you have to take a chance to find who you are!
Plug: Check my friend Krislyn Melson in the Odd Couple at the Old School Theatre in Spring Hill.
And, sometimes you have to let your passion find you. You have to take the time to soul search — meditate — and find what makes you feel emotion. What motivates you to take action? That just might be your passion.
Exercise 1: What is your passion?
  • Helping People
  • Encouraging People
  • Nurturing Animals
  • Writing to benefit others
Next, you also have to know what you want out of life. In the book, she uses the example of Prince Charming — the ideal we are taught to obtain from a very young age. But, what if that is not what you want out of life? What if you don’t want a white picket fence, a husband, or a traditional 9 to 5 job? Staying on a path that leads you to things that you don’t want out of life will get you off the path to your true self. 

Exercise 2: What do I want?
  • To be happy
  • To be healthy
  • To obtain another degree or certification
  • To buy a house
When you know what you want and your direction, you have to Take control. Sometimes you have to do things that other people think are silly or irrational because it is part of your passion and journey. My parents were not super hip on the idea of me working on my masters degree after finishing undergrad. Maybe because, my husband and I were both going to work on our (respective) masters degrees starting just 3 months into our marriage. However, I knew that was heart — so I did it anyway. Other people may not understand your decisions, but you are on YOUR path not theirs.
Also, stop just doing, going through the motions, — be your passion. How many of us go to work, to school, or wherever, and just go through the motions. We are not being a dedicated, hard-working, creative worker or student, we are just doing — following the herd. Be your passion. Live your passion. I write, but I am a thoughtful and sincere writer. I am being my passion.
Finally, continually evaluate yourself. Are the things that you do in your life leading you to the things you want in your life? When I look at my life, I realize that I am not doing the things that are going to lead me to what I want — and that has to change. Have your wants changed? Life ebbs and flows, desires change. If your wants have changed, how should you guide your life to obtain your new goals?
Stay in touch with yourself — so you can own yourself!
I am so excited to share my journey through this book with you. I believe in the empowerment of women — we should uplift ourselves and one another — we are a giant community of capable humans! Remember to love, support, and encourage your fellow women and men! 
Feel free to comment or share your stories. Private message me on Facebook if you don’t feel comfortable sharing with the world (okay or the 10 people who ready my blog)! 
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