I am that Girl & You are too!


Earlier this year, I pre-ordered a book that was suggested by actress, Sophia Bush on Instagram. After I finishing Looking for Alaska by John Green (great read by the way), I now have time to dive into this journey of self — and it could not have come at a better time in my life.

I am that Girl is about speaking your truth (owning who you are) and discovering your purpose — while, forcing you to remember you are good enough. Can we say woman power? Better yet, can we say human power?

I have been thinking a lot lately about how people (as a general rule) find it easier to be negative than positive about others and themselves — social media makes this ever present. Life is so much happier when we celebrating ourselves and the lives of others.

The next few weeks, as I read this book, I will write about what I learn. I want to share this journey with you guys because we should all feel empowered, beautiful, and special. We are taught to compete with one another — and that is just not the way to live. We should collaborate not compete, encourage not discourage, empower not reject.

Just to get started on the right track, I took the pledge:

You can do the same here.

The book is written by Alexis Jones, co-founder of I am that Girl, a global movement to inspire girls to be, love, and express who they are through education, content, and community. Source: I am that Girl website (check it out)! The forward is written by the awesomely gorgeous inside and out, Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill and Chicago P.D. fame.

I am that Girl is available on Amazon.

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