What’s in my May Ipsy Glam Bag? – Day #1

Monday Review:
Pacific Mineral Eyeshadow Duo
The two duos available for the May bag were customized just for Ipsy. I received the purple (Moonbeam) and creamy white (Unicorn) duo — getting a color named unicorn instantly made me happy. I would have definitely picked these colors out for myself because I love purple eye shadow — it compliments my eye color (see the Eye Shadow Tip below).
I am obsessed with mineral eye shadows, and this duo is no exception. These eye shadows are coconut-infused which helps to balance your skin while also soothing and softening.
Unicorn is a perfect all-over color or highlighter, while Moonbeam is perfect to use in the crease for definition or just on the lid for a more dramatic look.
Huge Bonus: The eye shadow is vegan and cruelty-free. The brand is extremely environmental conscience — working to reduce their carbon footprint, focusing on recyclable packaging, and reducing factory waste.
I was very pleased with the eye shadows, both went on smoothly leaving no creases. I would highly recommend this brand. Although these exact colors are not available (as they are Ipsy-exclusive), they have other great color palettes.
The brand carries beauty products, a wide range of fragrances (the company’s original focus), and soy candles! Shop them out online.
Color Wheel

Eye Shadow Tip: Think of the color wheel — pick the color directly across from the color of eyes for a great complimentary color. 

  • Blue eyes – Everyday: Browns and tans. Dramatic: Silvery-blues, slate, or Oranges. 
  • Brown eyes – Everyday: Brown, beige, tan. Dramatic: Bright blues and greens. 
  • Green eyes – Everyday: Wine or mauve – deeper purples. Dramatic: Bright Purples.
  • Hazel eyes – Everyday: Brown, tan, and gray. Dramatic: Burgundy or Fuchsias.
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