"Conscious Uncoupling"


I know I am a little late to the game on the new buzz phrase “conscience uncoupling,” but I was inspired last night as I was falling asleep — so here it is.

I am invested in Hollywood romance – the glitz, the glamour, and the beauty. I really pull for the couples to make it through…but sadly sometimes they just don’t. In honor of Gwenyth Paltrow’s “conscience uncoupling” with Chris Martin, here is my list  of the most shocking and/or saddening celebrity divorces.
Honorary mention: Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds. Can we say gorgeous couple alert? Seriously, these two had too much gorgeous between them — imagine those beautiful little babies! Keeping a low profile throughout their relationship, it seemed the two had a great connection. In the end, their private relationship went very public as they proceeded with a divorce. Since then,they have both moved on and seem happy in their new lives.
5. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. After watching them in Cruel Intentions and then learning they were together in real life, I was excited. The beautiful pair seemed happy and quite smitten. They had two beautiful look-alike children, and then, the pair, together for 7 years, suddenly split. They both have moved on and seem to be dedicated to raising their children the best way possible.
4. Will Arnett and Amy Poehler. Honestly, I didn’t worry about this comedy twosome. They seemed rock solid, so when they announced their separation (divorce papers were recently filed), I was shocked and saddened. Luckily, the two seem to put their children first and remain friends.
3. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of him to start with, so when they split because of his infidelity, I wasn’t that surprised — I mostly felt for Sandra during the harsh media coverage. The divorce may have been hard, but Sandra definitely won in the end. The entire nation fell more in love with Sandra, already one of America’s loveliest and most talented sweethearts. And, she adopted an adorable little baby. Win for Sandra!
2. Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy. Finally, Bethenney was happy and love. After years and years of searching, she found a partner in Jason. The two chronicled their new lives together on two reality shows about their wedding and then their marriage. They welcomed a beautiful daughter, bought a new house, and then bam they were splitting up. Although Bethenny can be abrasive at times, Jason seemed to go with the flow and balance her. Unfortunately, that was not the case.
1. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. I was a faithful Newleyweds watcher, and by faithful, I mean I have the entire DVD collection. I was devastated when they announced their split — to be honest, it still kind of stings. I loved them together, but alas, it was not meant to be. Fortunately, both have moved on to new loves (and babies), so that provides me some comfort.
What celebrity couples shocked or saddened you the most when they decided to consciously uncouple?
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