Breaking up is a *****

Soon (tomorrow to be exact), I will have to go through a break up. I don’t want to. It is not them, its…ok, yes it is them. I have been completely loyal — to a fault. They have given me no choice but to break up.
I am talking about my very difficult break up with  — Psych and How I Met Your Mother.
First, Psych. The series ends Wednesday, March 26.
I am so distraught about this that I am not sure how to properly begin. If you haven’t seen it…shame on you…If you have…then you understand.
The show focuses on Shawn, a fake psychic who uses his keen observation skills to solve crimes for the Santa Barbara police department with the help of his sidekick, Gus. (Think, comical Sherlock and Watson)
I love this show and have watched in its entirety too many times…and by too many…I am pretty sure that I live in Santa Barbara with Shawn and Gus — no seriously…I watch it at night to ensure I have happy dreams.
Through the years, we have seen Shawn become…more and more awesome! And is it just me or does James Roday get increasingly hotter each season. And Gus, come on son. What? He follows Shawn, no matter what…I mean not matter what… to help solve tons of cases — with style and jazzy feet.
I love this show because of the wit, cultural references, and obscure 80’s references. Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dule Hill) have fantastic chemistry and never disappointment in their one-hour time slot. Luckily, the show is still on Netflix, so I can just watch them in action….over and over and over
In honor of the Psych finale, here are a few of my favorite episodes (too many, #sorrynotsorry, there are too many to love):
Season 1, episode 5, 9 Lives (little boy cat)
Season 3, episode 2, 65 Million Years Off (a giant dinosaur head)
Season 3, episode 13, Any Given Friday Night at 10PM, 9PM Central (Shawn playing sports…)
Season 3, episode 16, An Evening with Mr. Yang (lovely episode)
Season 4, episode 1, Extradition: British Columbia (Pierre Despereaux)
Season 5, episode 10, Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Party (Pierre Despereaux, again)
Season 6, episode 15, Dead Bear Walking (this episode is just funny)
Season 6, episode 3, This Episode Sucks (the vampire references are great)
Second, HIMYM. The series ends Monday, March 31.
As much as I hate it, this show was ready for its swan song. The characters are ready to grown beyond where the show can take them. Ending now will preserve the essence of the show — and I am good with that.
If you are unfamiliar with the show, it focuses on Ted, the lead character, telling his children the story of finding his future wife and their mother. Along with his friends, Marshall (best friend), Lily (Marshall’s wife and college friend)), Barney (“best friend”), and Robin (first love), they spend time at McLarens bar and enjoy great endeavors in New York City.
Over the years, they have provided laughter, tears (the episode with Marshall’s dad), and lots of entertainment. The show is so easy to relate to because we all have great friends that we share our lives with — and sometimes do stupid and crazy things — like conducting useless interventions every week…(This is an intervention because you chew your gum to loud)…
Ted’s quest for love (a great and successful guy) reminds us to be patient and let things happen the way they should — and you will be happy in the end. The love between Marshall and Lily is so sweet that it is slightly sickening, but it reminds us that true love does exist. Barney and Robin…well they prove that people change, and sometimes that is a good thing — also, there is someone out there for all of us.
All in all, these characters are among some of my all time favorite characters. I will miss them greatly. I am sure that there ending will be Legend — wait for it —dary.
In honor of the finale, here are some things from the show that you should do with your friends:
  • Sing the Proclaimer’s “500 Miles” on a car trip (Done it, worth it)
  • In conversation, salute as if you are addressing a military officer
  • Slap beat…obviously
  • Make everything a challenge and quickly, with great determination accept it. Eat this plate of cheesy french fries. Challenge accepted! Drink this whole beer. Challenge accepted!
  • Cherish your friends!
Goodbye Psych and How I Met Your Mother!  You will be missed, but if ever I feel lonely, I can catch up with you guys again on Netflix.
PS – A new show, Friends with Better Lives, will fill the HIMYM time slot, starring James Van Der Beek. I plan to give it a try — it looks pretty funny!

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