The new hairdresser


A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from my salon. It was the break up call – my hairdresser of over two years had left —

I have had tight relationship with the few hairdressers I have had in my life. Those relationships ended because of distance — I moved away. This time, I was committed for the the long haul. My office just moved closer to the salon and we plan to be in this location for a while, so I was ready to establish a long-term relationship — and bam — it was over.

My appointment was coming up soon, so they suggested a new stylist that was the best fit for me — great, the awkward get to know each other stage, all over again. Going to a new stylist is like starting a new relationship. It is nerve-wrecking. You talk about yourself (not too much or too little – you don’t want to seem too needy or too distant), they are concerned with your daily appearance (how do you do your hair? your part?), at the end you plan (or hope) to see each other again (scheduling the next appointment). It is a lot pressure. And a part of you, compares them to passed relationship – like X used to cut and style my hair this way…

Friday was my appointment and the start of a new relationship. I went in with moderate hope that I would be at least happy with the new stylist. I mean really none of the Aveda-trained stylist are bad.

I left, and I was in …. LOVE! She was awesome — one of the best hair washings of my life — my scalp was very pleased. I was in and out in an hour (with long hair that is not common)! Not only that but she made my hair feel like silk.

I still love my old stylist, but I am super happy with my new stylist relationship! New isn’t bad, it is just new.

If you are in the need for a new salon, I highly suggest Jon Alan Salon. I go to the one in Cool Springs, but they also have locations in Nippers Corner and Bellevue.


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