What’s in my bag?


Spring – Cleaning! This week, I cleaned out my on-the-go makeup bag (I had over 7 lip glosses in there — too many???) so I could downsize to a smaller bag – my March Ipsy bag. 

*** I also revamped my blog 🙂 ****

Here are the beauty items that made the cut!

e.l.f. Makeup mist and set – This item is a life saver. The set mist refreshes my makeup after a long day of work or traveling — so my face looks good as new — even after a long day!
e.l.f. Zit Zapper – When I feel a blemish coming up, I apply this and the blemish slowly fades away — blemishes be gone!
Victoria’s Secret Shiny Kiss Flavored gloss – This nudy-pink lip gloss gives my lips a little extra color — and tastes pretty yummy.

Bath and Body Works Sheer Liplicious in Frozen Daiquiri – I have used this lip gloss for years – tastes awesome, perfect amount of shimmer, and did I mention it tastes great! 

Softlips lip balm in Vanilla – This is a definite must have. I have loved soft lips lip balm forever, and it is perfect for when my lips are slightly dry or chapped.
Bath and Body Works cat mirror – The better to see myself with, my dear! I can’t make sure my lip gloss is perfect without it — obviously. Also, it is super cute — with sparkles!
Victoria’s Secret Seduction Dark Orchid roll-on perfumeas mentioned in my last blog about season scents. – When I need a little smell pick me up throughout the day, I add this to the inside of my wrist. I love the deep tones. It instantly makes me happy.
Victoria’s Secret Noir perfumeas mentioned in my last blog about season scents. – Ok the travel size doesn’t fit in my smaller makeup bag, but it has a permanent spot in my purse. The smell reminds me of my honeymoon, sunshine, and fun!
What are your on-the-go beauty must haves? Share in the comments below.
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