Scents for the Seasons


Since today is spring, it is time for me to switch to my signature spring scent…and I am so excited. To me, changing to my spring scent officially rings in the new season. 
Below are my favorite seasonal scents!

Sprint Scent: Princess by Vera Wang
I love this scent for spring because it smells like flowers in bloom with fruity undertones. Plus, the bottle is in the shape of a heart with a crown at the top — which is adorable.  
Summer Scent: Fresh and Clean by Victoria Secret
This scent was made for summer. As the name indicates, it is fresh and oh so clean. Perfect for a perfect summer day.
Fall Scent (s): Paris Nights by Bath and Body Works and Seduction Dark Orchid by Victoria’s Secret
Fall is a weird time of year, and also my favorite time of the year. In the fall, I like to reinvent myself, so I have two go-to fall scents. Paris Nights is a great light, flowery scent. The seduction dark orchid is a deep and sexy scent. 
Winter Scent: Noir by Victoria’s Secret
I wore this scent our honeymoon to St. Lucia, so I love wearing it in the dead of winter because it reminds me of the warmth of the beach. Even though it is my winter scent, I keep a travel bottle in my purse year round — because I love it.

What is your favorite scent or scents for the seasons?


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