Honoring Natural Beauty


While watching Drinking Buddies this week, I felt myself slowly begin to hate (ok, ok, envy) Olivia Wilde and her ability to look super hot despite wearing little to no makeup and sticking her hair in a crazy bun (basically what I do daily). 
This entire week has been a big blur of my tired, makeup-less face and sloppy updos — realizing I was feeling a little more zombie…and not so much like Olivia Wilde. I was pretty down — feeling a little bad about myself. Then, as I was writing this post, I erased half of what I had written complaining about not looking like Olivia Wilde (with the same beauty routine) and such…but then decided to turn my focus to appreciating my natural beauty. 
We all know the spill on natural beauty, so I will save you the talk. (Just love yourself — makeup or not. Okay, girls. Seriously, love yourself no matter what.) 
Instead of giving the talk, I will just share a few examples of celebrities looking naturally beautiful…oh and maybe a picture of me embracing my natural beauty…makeup-less and loving myself 🙂

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