Buzzfeed Quizzes – Addicted, much?


I absolutely love seeing my friends’ Buzzfeed quizz results on my Facebook feed. Also, I enjoy all the articles about being in your late 20’s, what you can no longer do in your 30’s, and the rankings of all my favorite TV shows.

Which character, supernatural creature, food, slice of pizza, or donut! How does Buzzfeed know that I need to know what of potato I am? Tator tots, obviously. How does it know that I need affirmation that I am in fact a true Whedonanite? Thank you for proving my extreme loyalty!

Ok, so I obviously don’t need to know all of these things, but it is so much fun — and it makes me happy to know that Damon truly is the Salvatore brother I would end up with. #TeamDamon

Buzzfeed is such a masterful site. If you have not checked it out, you should. You can pretty much get your daily news and entertainment news while catching up on the cutest animal videos and affirming your status as a true 20-something — or 30-something if you are there 🙂

It has articles about things you have always thought about but never put into such a consumable manner — or comical way The gifs are truly amazing as well — Liz Lemon asking if the guy would buy her mozzarella sticks because she already had a drink is a classic. And…it allows you to be culturally aware without having to add 400 other television shows to your DVR. (p.s. I never saw that episode of 30Rock and my dvr dance card is already full).

Thank you, friends for continuing to tell me which Disney princess you, posting the list of why Paul Rudd needs to be cloned by scientists everywhere (is the list necessary — it is pretty obviously, and sharing adorable pictures of an unlikely friendship between a cat and a deer — no one else may enjoy it — but it brings me great joy everyday.

Keep buzzing? Please don’t stop the buzzing? …Just keeping sharing your awesome finds!

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