Wrist Selfie!


I am currently completely crazy obsessed with bracelets, specifically hinge bracelets.

My criteria is simple: They must sparkle, they must shine, and they must be stackable (one is simply not enough),
I have always liked hinge bracelets because they are easier than clasp bracelets. I typically wear one of my fancy watches: the rose gold Fossil or the silver cat Betsey Johnson. However, I wanted to find bracelets to wear as well.
Over the last few years, I have searched for them with no luck. On our mother-daughter trip to Savannah, GA two years ago, I found a beauty of a bracelet – silver and sparkly – and a hinge bracelet. Then, luck struck again in St. Augustine this past summer, another gorgeous hinge bracelet – gold with turquoise. My luck only happened when I was out of state.
Then, magic happened. I found a perfect purple hinge bracelet at  Old Navy, then a silver one and a gold one at Charming Charlies. At that point, the obsession was out of control. I asked for a Betsey Johnson rose gold bow hinge bracelet for Christmas and got it. Then for Valentines day, I got a gold Love Betsey Johnson bracelet. Then, just for fun, I ordered another – a large silver bow. Now, I have a pretty awesome collection of hinged bracelets.
The bracelets are the perfect compliment to my totally practical watches (justification much?).
Here are few of my awesome combinations over the last couple of months. I don’t know what is about sparkly jewelry that makes me so happy.
Wanna have a little wrist bling of your own? Check out betseyjohnson.com or visit your local Charming Charlies or Old Navy.

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