Honor the creatures of the world: They make the best friends


This weekend, I visited good ole’ Hillsboro, TN to visit my family. While home, I noticed that my nearly 14 year old cocker spaniel, Shadow, was having a little trouble getting around. I hadn’t noticed his aging before (except white hair that is multiplying on his snout). For the first time, I realized he is an old man.

We got Shadow when I was 13 years old. I picked him from his litter and sang to him all the way home. He was my main man. I took him on car rides and walks. We snuggled on the couch. We played fetch. He was my bud. That bond never goes away.

Animals are loyal and unwavering. They see everyone as equal (a quality more humans should embrace)! They don’t judge. They don’t question. They just love. After my grandfather passed away, Rusty, my grandparents’ dog, was and has continually been my grandmother’s savior. He provides her the comfort and love that she needs now that her husband is gone. Likewise, Shadow and Willow have given me love and compassion even when I felt like I didn’t deserve it. Their love knows no bounds.

I am sad to see Shadow get older, but I am thankful that he is a part of my life and I am a part of his. We should take more time to appreciate the creatures in our lives — even if its the birds and squirrels playing outside your window. It is easy to take their love, affection, and beauty for granted, but it is important to cherish each moment.

Take the time to love your animals and honor their loyalty. Appreciate the beauty of nature. Know that we all play a major part in this world.

If you can, adopt an animal of your own — you won’t regret it. If you can’t (and please don’t if you can’t afford to give the time or money deserved), donate a bag of food to your local shelter or donate money to a foundation that is focused on animals. Show love to the creatures of the world (because they always show us love)!

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