I’ve been a bad, bad girl


I have a confession: In the last 3 + years, I have been a terrible, awful, embarrassing excuse for a girl.
I have taken the 45 minutes of extra sleep instead of fixing my hair, putting on makeup, and sometimes even forgoing showers. I have been giving up one of the most precious parts of being a girl. 
As I was getting ready today, listening to girl power songs, I realized how much I missed primping. I miss curling my hair, blending my eye shadow, and looking my personal best. Simply putting on lipstick gives me joy.

I have always enjoyed beauty and fashion. Growing up, there was no question of whether I was going to look my best. Then, when I got married, I guess I gave up that piece of me for a while. I gave up the part of me that enjoyed that time putting on makeup while listening to music. The part of me that loved dancing while drying and curling my hair. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that makeup, hair, or any of this is important.  I am simply advocating taking the time to do things that make you look and feel great — in my case,  enjoying these things because they make me feel like a Woman!

In 2014, I promise to up hold my end of the deal as a female. I vow to wake up when my alarm goes off, so I can wash and condition my hair. I vow to blow dry and curl my hair to perfection. I promise to use all of my awesome Aveda products. I promise to moisturize and beautify my face.

Most of all, I vow to honor myself as a woman, girly girl, and proud female. Sometimes, we need a single, insignificant moment in time to remind us what makes us happy and renews our love for life.


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