Holiday 2013

buds. and beauty.

The holidays are here yet again. How quickly a year passes …where does the time go?

I love this time of year because I get to spend time with all of my family and friends!

Not only do I get to see my friends and family, but I get to shower them with love and presents.

Gifts this year include scarves, jewelry, makeup, and purses. What a surprise? All of my favorite things. I love to share the things I love with my loved ones.

I stumbled upon some great deals leading up to Christmas, but I have a feeling the after Christmas sales will be awesome. Here are a couple of places I would recommend visiting after the holiday:

  • As I have said before, they provide awesome, cheap makeup for all ages.
  • They had great sales before Christmas, and I plan to return for some after Christmas sales on their jewelry. I already bought a hinged bracelet that I absolutely adore.
  • I absolutely love this store. I was gifted a scarf from Charming Charlies and plan to purchase a few goodies for myself!
Have a jolly holiday and happy new year!
If you don’t have a resolution for the new year, add giving and loving bigger. That is the top of my resoltuion list! Make 2014 a great year!



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