A Fashion Dream: The Carrie Diaries


I began my journey through The Carrie Diaries because it was new to Netflix. Little did I know, I would become obsessed and learn a lot about myself in the process.

Young Carrie spends her time in suburban Connecticut trying to find herself. She fights for what she wants. She fights for her independence. She dreams of being a writer, making a difference, and conquering the world.

Of course, as luck would have it, she falls into an internship at Interview magazine where she gets to rub elbows with celebrities, fashion designers, and just generally awesome people. Her fashion sense and go get’um attitude pushes her into the world of high fashion.

As we know from Sex in the City, Carrie is very successful in life and goes on to blog and write novels about her wild, New York life.

Watching the first season in less than I week inspired the 27-year old me to reflect on the 16-year old me. The reflection renewed my love for fashion and my faith in the power of a dream.

My first job as a clothing store sales associate empowered me to take fashion risks. One thing that has not change about me (from 16 to 27) is my need to express myself through clothing. I mean I went through my own little Picasso period when I was 3 and would only wear blue. Today, I still rely on my clothing to give me comfort and confidence.

In Middle Tennessee, I obviously don’t live in the center of high fashion, but I still choose to sparkle and shine. Fashion is about having fun and letting your clothes represent you (even when you feel like a 5-year old, which I often do)!

You also have to dream big (and believe). Carrie did.

Dreams are essential to happiness! I dreamed of being a writer, and now I am writer. (side note: I write how-to guides for software applications wearing a leopard-print vest and pink scarf.) I dreamed of getting out of Manchester, and now I live near Music City. My passion for dreaming as dwindled over the years, but I am renewed! I plan to continue to dream big and let no one or nothing stand in my way.

So today, find out what you want, what you really, really, want, and go forth in the outfit that makes you feel confident and make your dreams come true!


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