Scarves: Elephants, Giraffes, and Sharks O My!

Scarves are the perfect comfort item (right next to a pumpkin spiced latte) for chilly fall days. Scarves are super easy to wear (pair a patterned scarf with a sold top or a patterned top with solid scarf) and instantly add interest to your outfit. Not only that, but scarves provide color near your face which helps to brighten your appearance as the weather turns cold. 
I love all scarves, but I am totally obsessed with the animal-themed variety. I love animals, and I love scarves. The combo of the two is totally perfect! Here are a few of my fav animal-themed scarves from my “expanding” collection.

Navy with Orange Elephants

Cozy, comfy, warm, and happy, this scarf, with rich colors, is perfect for fall. Slightly more expensive than most I purchase ($25 at Gap), it is well-made and durable.
Pink with Gray Giraffes
Bright, happy, and fun, I get compliments every time I wear it. The pink color brightens my face, and the giraffes are o so cute. Only $10 at Target.
Turquoise with Lime Green and Pink Sharks
This scarf makes me feel powerful. Featuring my favorite color palette (I just add a purple shirt to complete the look) and sharks, the scarf makes me happy and confident. Only $12 at Charming Charlies.
Tan with Olive Green Cats
Calming and comfy, this infinity scarf, that can be worn 3 different ways, is the perfect way to spice up a neutral outfit. A little more than I like to spend, but it has cats on it…I couldn’t pass it up. $18 at J.C. Penny.

Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns. Have fun with it! Fashion is so not serious!

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