Reasons why having a friend with a baby is awesome!


So I don’t want a child right now, but I do enjoy going out with my friends who have children because I get to reap the following benefits!

1) Buying adorbs baby clothing (with a legitimate reason). I don’t know why miniature things are so adorable, but they are! Walking through the Target baby section is very dangerous. At least when you have a friend that has a child, you can buy some of those adorable outfits from time to time and not feel like a weirdo.

2) Storing purses, bags, and all your stuff in their stroller when out and about. One of my least favorite parts of a purse is having to lug it around. Don’t get me wrong, I love purses. I mean I LOVE purses, but I don’t love them when I am trying to shop or eat at the farmer’s market. During a recent shopping trip with one of my friends, I realized the stroller was the perfect place for all my stuff, so I could enjoy the day!
3) Learning what to do and what NOT to do as a parent. All my friends who are parents are great parents, but even still, you learn things that you want to incorporate into your life when the time comes and things you would rather not. 
4) Having snacks at the ready. Babies need a lot of things including snacks to keep them happy. Lucky for you, if you get a little hungry, you can expect that your friend has snacks in that diaper bag.
5) Enjoying the moment when the baby starts screaming and you can just hand him off to his parents!

6) Talking to the child about shopping decisions. I typically have a monologue while shopping that I try to keep in my head. It is totally cool to talk to yourself if you have a baby with you. I get to express my inner monologue and the child is entertained. Win, Win!

And best of all, you get to look at and love on cute little faces like the one above!


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