Reasons why parenting a cat is awesome!


This little fluff ball to the left stole my heart about 5 years ago. I had never had a pet cat until Willow, and she quickly changed my thoughts about cats. 

I am so glad that I decided to hide her away when a family came to adopt her and her siblings because she has been a true blessing in my life (and Cory’s whether he admits it or not). 

Willow is my companion, sleep and snack partner, afternoon door greeter, and savior.

Below are a just few reasons why parenting a cat is awesome!
1) Cats are little fluffy comedians. Cats are built in entertainment. Who needs TV, wine, or music? Having a bad day? Search for cat videos on YouTube! They are funny without even trying. My favorite Willow moment was when I turned the corner to our office and found her cramming herself in to a box two sizes too small. 

2) Cats only bug you for food, and they really bug you for food. Willow loves food. She can’t wait to be fed. She will follow me around until I do, and if I don’t, she lets me know that she wants food NOW! Otherwise, she is pretty self-sufficient. 

3) Cats can sleep anywhere, anytime. This is awesome because not only can they go to sleep anywhere, anytime, but they can wake up in a good mood anywhere, anytime. Bonus: Cats look adorable when they sleep. I know Willow does.
4) Cats will play games with or without you. Along with their comedic value, cats are also great game players. They will play catch (as long as its a mouse or something they care about). And sometimes, they will try to play games with you whether attacking board game pieces, walking across your keyboard typing nonsense, or trying to rub their face on your smartphone while you try to type a text message.
5) Cats give you love like no other. I had this misconception (before having a cat) that cats were standoffish and mean, but I have since learned otherwise. Willow is very affectionate and runs to the door to greet me every afternoon. She is a cuddler, licker, and face rubber. She takes care of me when I am sick and keeps me company when I am upset. She gives me joy, and I hope that I return that happiness to her each day.
If you have a pet, remember to show love and compassion everyday. If you don’t have a pet and have the means to take care of one, adopt an angel of your own. You won’t regret it.

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