Reasons why I helping friends move is awesome!


I am taking a break from my usual Friday Wine Day blog because I am supposed to refrain from wine with my current medication…so in order to be good…I will be taking a hiatus from wine reviewing. If you have any questions about wine, feel free to comment on the blog or send a Facebook message.

My husband and I spent two weekends helping our newlywed friends move into their new “together” place. The move was a 2-part special full of fun and laughter…traveling…and stress…and climbing to the 3rd floor in the summer heat…

Some people may avoid helping their friends move, but I actually love helping friends relocate because of the following reasons:
1) Unearthing their long-lost cd collection. Finding those old Backstreet Boys, 98 degrees, Britney Spears, etc. cds always results in a good time. And finding those one-hit wonder singles (think Len’s Steal My Sunshine and B*Witched’s C’est La Vie), that were cool for a moment in time, amplifies that good to a fantastic time!
2) Taking a history crash course in your friend. You may think you know everything about your friend, but when you look through their “junk” you will learn so much more. You learn what they treasure, what they like, where they’ve been, and what they’ve done. Taking the motto from the show, MTV’s Diary, “You think you know (your friend), but you have no idea.” Just imagine if Angel helped Dexter move and found his box of blood slides…lots to learn from your friend’s stuff.
3) Throwing and giving stuff away. I really enjoy throwing stuff away and decluttering. This particular move allowed for tons of throwing away (and ripping up paper). There was also tons of give away items. To top it all off, our experience at the Spring Hill Goodwill was inspirational. The staff was so friendly and helpful reinforcing the importance of giving your unneeded stuff to people who need.
4) Spending quality time with your friends. No matter how rough  packing and loading (and unloading) boxes can be, you ultimately get to spend time with your friends. With my back problems, I am not useful with loading boxes, but I can pack a mean box. Sometimes your friends need more moral support than actual physical labor. Getting rid of their past is not always easy and just being their builds a completely new bond.
5) Thanking your lucky stars that you are not the one that has to stare at unpacked boxes for the next 6 months or more!
Bonus: The next time you move, you can count on them to return the favor 🙂 My husband and I were returning the favor in this move!

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