Great Makeup at a Great Price: My first e.l.f. haul


My first e.l.f. (eyes.lips.face) haul was a grand success! I came away with three goodies for my eyes and a gorgeous lip gloss.

1) Eye Brightener Mineral Eye Shadow in Buff. This product is amazing and only $3. I put this all over my eye lid from brow to lashes. The buff color even outs the color of my eye lid and  instantly opens my eyes in the morning. Part of the mineral collection for $3.

2. Eye Refresh. I use this product under my eyes for instant refreshment. The metal roller armed with pomegranate, rosemary, green tea, cucumber, and grape goodness cools and depuffs under your eyes. Part of the studio collection for $3.

3. Mineral Eye Shadow in Caffeinated. This is the first colored eye shadow that I have tried from e.l.f, and I love it. It is comparable to BareMinerals eye shadow at less than half the cost. The main difference between the two brands is that the BareMinerals is finely ground; whereas, the e.l.f. shadow is a little more coarsely ground. With a makeup brush, you can break down the shadow to be more fine. As far as pigmentation, there is little to no difference. I have yet to try a matte mineral eye shadow from e.l.f, but I am sure they are also fabulous. Part of the mineral collection for $3.

4. Glossy Gloss in Wild Watermelon. Love, love, love. The color is great, and it hydrates my lips! Part of the studio collection for $3.

My next haul should arrive on Friday! Visit to get started with great products on the cheap.


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