Foundation: Does Price Equal Quality?

I was a little absent last week because of some health issues. Luckily, I did not require a biopsy at my appointment, so all is well!
Now back to the important things in life, beauty!
I have been using Makeup Forever HD foundation for probably a year now, and I love, love, love it. With the greatness of the product comes a hefty pric

e tag. In an effort to conserve money (stupid money), I decided to try a store brand.

Browsing the many store brand foundations (and there are many), I zeroed in on Almay because of it is hypoallergenic (and the clean packaging didn’t hurt).
After looking at the different Almay options, I decided on the Almay Clear Complexion foundation with BlemisHeal technology. The BlemisHeal technology claimed to clear up blemishes while covering it day-to-day. What a bonus? I break out much worse now than I ever did as a teenage, so this was a huge selling point for me. I also liked the pump application because it is similar to the Makeup Forever HD foundation application.
The first time I tried it my skin felt and looked dry, so I was super disappointed. Luckily, I decided to give it another try because my skin looked great the next time I used it (I think I was a little powder happy the first time). 
After using it for over a week, I still miss my Makeup Forever HD but for the price point, the Almay is fantastic.
If you are in need of a new foundation at a cheaper price, pick up Almay Clear Complexion at your local drugstore for around $11.99.
If you want to splurge on a great foundation, pick up Makeup Forever HD at Sephora for around $44.

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