Tory Burch: Fashion Accessory Dreamland

Green Hills location

If you have never been to a Tory Burch store, you simply MUST. Set up like your dream closet full of gorgeous purses, wallets, shoes, and clothing, the store is a fashion wonderland! Aside from their fantastic fashion and accessories, their staff always helps and serves you as a valued customer even if it is your first visit. Offering wine, beer, tea, or water while you shop, you feel completely at home and comfortable while browsing all their fantastic products. Not to mention, the big comfy purple and white sofas in the shoe room!

I have always wanted to have a “women cave” in my future home where my closet also served as a place for my friends and I to chat while surrounded by my fashion accessories (specifically my purses). Yes I am a dork, but Tory Burch turns that idea into a reality. 
Thanks to my friend, Amanda Andrews, I made my first Tory Burch purchase last week – a bright, yellow wallet. Although a little pricey, even on sale, the craftsmanship of the wallet makes it worth the money. It is a purchase that will last a long time! 

Visit your nearest Tory Burch, if only to browse and enjoy the experience! Sign up for their e-mail list and receive a $50 gift card on your birthday! 


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