Any artist must have the right brush…

The most awesome makeup in the world can be wasted when using the wrong tools. Nice makeup brushes are expensive, and it is so much easier to use the “stick brushes” that come with your makeup. But DON’T!

Painters don’t use crappy brushes to paint their masterpieces, so why should you use crappy brushes to paint your ultimate masterpiece? Easy answer, you shouldn’t.

I used a decent set of brushes for many years until my friend, Ashleigh (who I hope contributes to this blog very soon. hint, hint) suggested EcoTools brushes. After buying the six-piece starter pack (including a blush brush, eye shadow brush, eye shading brush, angled eyeliner brush, and brow and lash groomer), I was hooked. 
Flat Eyeliner Brush (far left)

Long-lasting and soft, these brushes are not harsh on your skin, and they apply and blend makeup flawlessly. 

Personal Favs:
  • Domed Bronzer brush. I actually use this brush most often for my setting powder.
  • Flat Eyeliner brush. I can’t put eyeliner on in a straight line to save my life, so I use this brush to smooth  the lines.
The company, charged with an Eco-friendly mission, use recycled materials and reusable packaging. Also, their products are made with upstanding quality and are cruelty-free.

Domed Bronzer Brush (far left)

In addition to their brushes, they have bath products and cute cosmetic bags.

Domed Bronzer Brush – $9.99
Flat Eyeline Brush – $3.99

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