Wake up with Clean & Clear morning burst skin brightening facial cleanser


I don’t know about you guys, but waking up is hard to do! Stumbling to the shower, going into a zombie-mode shower routine, and getting out feeling just as tired as you were before stepping in.
That described my morning until I discovered Morning Burst Skin Brightening facial cleanser by Clean and Clear. The bright, yellow packaging promised my face would brighten, and in turn, I would appear more energized. Without any hesitation, I grabbed it up.
The product is no true miracle. I still dread getting out of bed, but this cleanser makes it much more bearable. The bright, lemon fragrance instantly awakes your senses, and the caffeine in the cleanser seeps in through your pores waking up your skin and body. 

Packed with good-for-you nutrients, the cleanser quickly revitalizes and brightens your skin. (Tip: When washing your face, rub the product in a circular pattern. Packages tell you that, but who reads packaging?) 

In addition to cleansing,the tiny beads of goodness exfoliate removing dead skin and refreshing the appearance of your face. The exfoliation also allows your makeup to go on more smoothly leaving you with a bright, flawless complexion.

The morning burst skin brightening line also includes an oil-free facial scrub.
I have used this product for over a year. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser retails for around $6 at your local drugstore.



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