Special: Bonnaroo Beauty and Fashion

Beauty and Bod

This past weekend was the Bonnaroo Music Festival in my hometown, Manchester, Tennessee. Bonnaroo, held in a 700-acre field, is a four-day festival full of music, fun, and HEAT! When embarking on a weekend at Bonnaroo, make sure your bag (for me, my bright yellow Jessica Simpson purse) includes some beauty and fashion necessities.


Moisturizer with sunscreen: If you put nothing else on your face, make sure you have a sunscreen in your moisturizer. Not only will the moisturizer brighten your face, but the sunscreen will keep your skin looking great as you age. My suggestion: Philosophy take a deep breath oil-free moisturizer.

Sunscreen – Ya, ya. Sunscreen is no fun to put on, but you will be glad you did when you get older and your skin still looks great. Take your pick of sunscreens and apply often.

Chap Stick with Sunscreen – Don’t forget your lips. Those delicate lips need protection from the hot sun. My suggestion: My Favorite Sport Balm with SPF 15 from C.O. Bigelow. The balm protects and moisturizes your lips.

Water – Drink it. Staying hydrated is not only healthy but also helps your skin glow.


Sunnies – On trend this summer (from pure observation), the always classic RayBans, neon shades, and colorful stunner shades. Not only is it miserable in the sun without glasses, but you also need to protect your eyes. I stuck with my cheap neon green shades from Charming Charlie.

Summer Scarf – Although the heat can be unbearable during the day, at night, say around 3 a.m., the temperatures can get quite chilly. The scarf can quickly become a shawl once the sun goes down. My colorful shark print scarf did the trick!

Flip-flops – With all the walking and the heat, it is important to have comfortable and breathable shoes. I choose flip-flops because I like to take my shoes off and stamp my feet, but other options such as Nomads, Toms, and even light-weight tennis shoes work well. I wore my yoga-mat flip flops.

Statement earrings – After about 5 seconds in the heat, I feel like a disgusting mess. A pair of pretty earrings make me feel glamorous even if the rest of me is not.

My Favorite 2013 Bonnaroo Fashion Moment:

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