Dress shopping


With a friend’s wedding less than two weeks away, I tasked myself with finding the perfect…ok pretty…ok decent dress. If hell were a place on earth, dress shopping for my body (large bust and short frame) would be my daily task. Unfortunately, I assumed my friend wouldn’t appreciate me attending her wedding in a garbage bag, so I decided to journey to the depths of hell.

The only real option I even considered was Soma. (If you haven’t shopped there, you are missing out.) I researched dressed on their website, so I would have a few in mind when I visited the store. After work, I entered the store, grabbed the researched dresses in my size, and ran off to the dressing room. Both dresses I picked where maxis, and although I love a good maxi dress, both were way too long for my short frame.

Coming out of the dressing room looking quite defeated, I walked out to a sales girl asking if I needed any help. My instinct is to typically say no, but today, in my desperation, I said yes. She, too, was busty and short. I though, hey this girl probably understands what I go through.

I walked back to the sales floor with my new search partner looking for shorter dresses that wouldn’t expose too much chest. She pulled a few. I pulled a few. I returned to the dressing room for round 2.

In the dressing room with tons of options hanging around me, I opted to try the turquoise dress I pulled first.

The dark turquoise dress, with its feminine ruffle-neckline, matched my orange jewelry perfectly. I slipped it on and boom…I loved it! The only problem: my girls needed a little more support than my comfy bra could provide and the sales girl noticed. She ran to the back to get her measuring tape and returned ready to give me the news. “You are a 42…..G,” she said, “and I have the perfect bra for you.” What? G? That’s not even on the normal bra sizing scale.

She ran back with a large and in charge, ivory-colored, bra. The bra was not the most gorgeous bra I had ever seen. To be honest, it kind of looked like something my granny would wear, but what the heck? I slipped in on, adjusted, and Whoa! My girls were up and in, and my body had magically shed 20 pounds.

In my excitement, I eagerly put the turquoise dress back on with the amazing, transforming bra, and it looked fabulous. Feeling a little overconfident at this point, I tried the ruffled, plum dress the sales girl had pulled for me. The lining didn’t fall correctly, and I didn’t feel as good as I did in the turquoise number. Plus, my judging panel, the sales girl and her associate, gave it the thumbs down.

Expecting to run from the store in tears, I, instead, left the store with the perfect turquoise dress, a short off-white shrug, and the amazing, wonder bra!

I dreaded picking out a dress and having to wear it uncomfortably through the wedding day, but now, I am pretty excited about rocking the dress!

Check out Soma Intimates.



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