Pinot Noir – Yum!

Friday Wine Day!

After having a fantastic glass (or two) of a Pinot Noir at a restaurant for my anniversary dinner (that does not fit the price-point for this review), I placed white wine on the shelf (for a bit) and joined team Red. I enjoy wine, but I am by no means a wine snob…for the most part. It’s impossible to spend $20 on a bottle of wine every time the craving hits, so I often turn to Crane Lake for my wine needs.

Crane Lake – Pinot Noir Retails for less than $5 at most locations

Sold by a California-based company, Crane Lake produces fantastic white and red wines and has been my go-to for a while now. Their Pinot Noir excites the senses with its full-bodied mouth feel, hints of berry, and intoxicating smell. This wine is great with food or for simply sipping for fun.

Try it today!

More than likely, I will review more Crane Lake wines so don’t be surprised 🙂


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