Hello, ladies

Hello, world! I have a lot of people I love in life: my husband, my family, my kit-kat, and my friends. I also have lots of loves that make the time with those people so much better. With this blog, I want to share some of my most beloved wellness and beauty products and tips as well as provide a center for ladies to share their stories about beauty. bod. and buds.

The three main elements:
Beauty: Think all things glamorous. Nails, hair, face, and skin….what makes you feel beautiful. I have a lot of products that I would love to share with you fine ladies!
Bod: Our body is our vessel, and it is important to keep it fit, fashionable, and healthy. Think stress-relief Yoga on Monday, so you look gorgeous in that little black dress on Friday night with your honey.
Bud: Our friends keep us sane even when times get tough. I will share my friendship advice as well as encourage my friends to share some of their ideas with you! There are so many activities I do with my friends, but my personal fav is drinking the wine and talking about life. Fridays will officially be Friday Wineday. I, or a guest, will provide a wine review of some cheaper wines ($20 or less).

So I am going to jump right into this blog business with one of my favorite products and the basis for my makeup ritual.

take a deep breath, oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer, by Philosophy.

I have tried a lot of moisturizers, and although this one is a little pricey (retailing for $32 for 2 fl. oz.), the benefits definitely make up for the extra bucks.

Simply opening the product brings a feeling of peace. The clean, fresh smell intoxicates the senses! Properly named, remember to take a deep breath.

As soon as you apply this heavenly lotion, your skin feels instantly silky smooth and hydrated. Since it is a gel moisturizer, your skin quickly absorbs the product with no heavy residue. In addition to feeling great, your skin looks healthy and brighter. Used with or without foundation, your skin will glow. As if there needed to be more benefits, it also protects your skin from everyday elements!

Go now to your local Philosophy retailer and get this amazing product, you won’t regret it.


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